About Us

Our Vision is Clear

Donovan+Partners was founded on the belief that healthcare can and should be better. We believe that by working intentionally to optimize the patient experience, and most importantly in the Emergency Department, we will see systematic improvements in healthcare. By improving clinical safety, processes of care, and hospital efficiencies we can create a healthcare delivery system that truly operates for the ultimate well-being of every patient, while maintaining a rewarding work culture for healthcare professionals.

Our Passion

We are healthcare consultants passionate about improving the patient healthcare experience. We work with hospital leaders to improve clinical quality, patient safety, and process efficiencies that yield significant cost savings.

Our Experience

Donovan+Partners is a boutique healthcare consulting firm with over 25 years of hands-on experience in nursing, hospital management and leadership, nurse and physician engagement, project management, and specifically in Emergency Services Departments.

Our expertise includes: hospital clinical operations, physician partnership, patient care services (acute care and acute care rehab), patient safety, clinical quality outcomes, regulatory compliance and survey readiness, patient experience with an emphasis on hospital emergency services department and ambulatory services.

Let us help you bring positive patient experiences, inspired healthcare and empowered leadership to your organization. Contact us today.