You know things need to change. And perhaps you aren’t sure where to begin. Our experienced consultants quickly and accurately identify high-leverage opportunities and untapped potential. Whether you know you need assistance with a specific issue, or want us to take a comprehensive view of your emergency department operations, our experienced consultants will quickly and accurately assess your unique situation, arming you with actionable data and a project plan crucial to improving your performance.


“Connie [Donovan] is highly motivated, well-organized and detailed in her approach to assessing and developing improvement plans.” “[Their] plans were clear and concise, and priorities aligned with the organization and the physician group.”

CEO, Physician Practice Management


Signs You May Need an Assessment:

▸  Poor Clinical Outcomes
▸  Accreditation & Regulatory Compliance Problems
▸  Interdisciplinary Conflicts & Communication Breakdowns
▸  High Number of Patient Complaints
▸  Low Patient Satisfaction Scores
▸  Incomplete Clinical Documentation

▸  High Staffing Vacancy Rate
▸  Lack of Staff Engagement
▸  Nursing Turnover
▸  Clinical Operational Inefficiencies
▸  Long Wait Times
▸  Overcrowding in the Emergency Room


How the process works.

We get to know you. We get to know your leaders, and your nursing and medical staff. We get to know your administrators – who they are and what they want. And then we jump into the numbers. We look at your performance metrics and benchmark those against best practices and high performing emergency departments. We embed ourselves in your department, learn from your providers and nursing staff and build a rapport to learn what works and what doesn’t. We identify and strive to remove barriers so you and your staff can do your jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible. We work with you to develop an action plan that does just that, so you and your staff can move forward, knowing you are on the path to excellence.

Every emergency department is unique.

Our approach is putting people first, understanding their priorities and delivering results. We understand each hospital has different constraints and requirements. However, most share the need to improve both patient experience and clinical outcomes.  We pride ourselves on bringing you solutions to your complex problems while engaging people to improve processes and deliver sustainable outcomes.  

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