Every healthcare organization has its own unique set of challenges. A fresh set of experienced eyes brings the objectivity required to  quickly assess underlying issues and provides the guidance for creating sustainable resolutions.

“[Donovan+Partners] has exceptional ability to quickly understand the clinical services complexities and care delivery systems within the context of a healthcare system, set program direction, clearly articulate priorities, structure initiatives to achieve goals and deliver quantifiable results…”

– Executive Healthcare Leader

Call in a Specialist.

Our consultants provide practical solutions.

▸  We will assess your clinical operations and processes of care focusing what it takes to provide an ideal patient’s experience.
▸  We will provide you with recommendations, based on experience and best practices, and a project plan for easy implementation.
▸  We will coach, mentor, teach and support your existing talent. 
▸  We will identify areas for improvement and boost your bottom line by optimizing operational efficiencies and focusing on quality metrics linked to reimbursements.

“[Donovan] creates a culture that inspires employees while providing support for individual professional development.”

– Executive Healthcare Leader


Drive Improvement with Our Expert Consultants.

Our consultants have the experience and knowledge to  help your team:

▸  Improve patient safety
▸  Raise patient satisfaction scores

▸  Optimize staffing effectiveness
▸  Establish efficient processes of care

When we make things easier for your medical and support staff, your whole operation runs more smoothly. You’ll see better outcomes, happier patients, engaged nursing and medical providers and a healthier bottom line. Contact us today by filling out the for below to learn how we can help.

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