Industry Expertise Overview

Our experience runs deep and wide. 

Donovan+Partners is a healthcare consulting firm backed by over 25 years of industry expertise and staffed by healthcare professionals who are passionate about improving patient experience. We work with healthcare organizations and providers to develop sound operating processes, increase patient satisfaction scores, and deliver quality care. Whether your emergency department faces compliance issues, confronts a period of transition, looks to operate more efficiently, or wants to boost patient satisfaction scores – we can help.

We bring challenges into focus and offer targeted solutions.

We will give your organization the tools and plans needed to move forward and embrace high standards of clinical and operational quality.

As a small firm, we take a discerning and highly personalized approach to what we do. Our solutions are distinctly customized to your department's unique situation, culture and needs.



“Connie [Donovan] is a visionary and experienced leader who can work both as an internal or external leader to advance an organization’s mission.”

Executive Interim Management Healthcare Recruiter



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