Interim Management

When your organization needs to fill a leadership position, you need to act fast to keep up with the rapid pace of the healthcare industry. This can be a tumultuous period, because while finding the right person takes time, an empty seat leaves too much room for uncertainty and instability, in an industry that can tolerate neither. When you partner with us to provide interim management, you can dedicate your time to finding the perfect permanent placement, feeling confident that your clinical operations are working for you.


“Connie worked with the team during a dynamic time in the organization. During her tenure, she worked with the leadership team to restore the trauma designation, implement an interventional cardiology program and the achievement of the first designated stroke center in the State of Delaware. I would recommend Connie's consulting for any organization implementing change.”

Vice President, HR for Hospital Health System


Elevate your outcomes

Our interim management services will deliver measurable results. Your interim leader will work with you and engage your staff, leading to improved patient experience, with patient quality and safety in mind. Your clinical operations will be more efficient, and you will have necessary infrastructure in place for sustainable improvements. We strive to build from within by coaching and mentoring your existing talent.


“When we were unable to find the right person for the position, Connie identified an internal charge nurse with exceptional ability that could be mentored into the position. Collaboratively, Connie and I developed a professional development plan for the internal employee. Five years later, the internal employee is still successfully working as the ED Director.”

Vice President, HR for Hospital Health System


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