Constance Donovan, MPH, RN


My Experience

Connect with Constance Donovan on  Linkedin

Connect with Constance Donovan on Linkedin

My work in healthcare consulting, leadership and management has allowed me to partner with hospitals nationwide to improve efficiencies and outcomes around patient care, hospital clinical operations, financial management, and accreditation and regulatory compliance.

With 25+ years of hands-on experience in nursing, hospital management and leadership, employee and physician training, project management, and specifically within Emergency Services Departments, I bring a broad and nuanced perspective to my clients.

I understand hospital priorities and processes, and focus my work on improving efficiency and outcomes.

I utilize evidenced-based practices to improve quality and patient safety.

Along with my team of consulting partners, I deliver cost savings, clinical quality, and performance improvement to hospitals by providing fast, focused, and customized solutions.


“Connie is a visionary and experienced leader who can work both as an internal and external leader to advance an organization’s mission.”

Executive Healthcare Recruiter at Leaders For Today


Why healthcare management and quality improvement?


Like many people who've chosen a career in healthcare, I’m a nurturer by nature. I like the idea of healing what’s broken.

I believe in the real possibility of better healthcare and I am passionate about working with dedicated healthcare professionals to make that a reality. During my years of work in healthcare, I’ve seen firsthand the difference quality healthcare can make in patients' lives. I’ve seen so many opportunities for improvement, and I’m honored to be in a position that allows me to make those changes.  


I’m not a blind optimist. Better care can be achieved only through meticulous hard work, and depends on clear-eyed analyses of the many facets of an emergency department. I thrive on identifying opportunities that re-imagine standard protocol and collaborate to form better, more efficient processes that work for you, your staff, your patients, and your organization. I’m a data-driven person who loves getting results for my clients.

More Than a Consultant

I am curious and passionate about learning. I thrive when working with people: side-by-side with nurses, physicians, and hospital administrators.  I am dedicated to listening to leadership, management, nurses, and physicians, and creating a sustainable culture for healthcare improvement. 


"I would highly recommend Connie for her work in leading leadership transitions in hospital emergency departments."

MD, CEO Emergency Physician Practice Management Group


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