Patient Experience

We are on a mission to improve the patient experience. We understand that empathy and caring are central to creating positive patient experiences. But the emergency care department must strive for more than just giving the patient a feel-good service. Quality care and patient safety must be the core focus of any healthy functioning Emergency Services Department. At Donovan+Partners, our goal is simple: to help you create efficient and safe processes that deliver world class care to your patients, and lead to positive experiences and improved patient satisfaction scores.


Is It Helping or Hurting Your Bottom Line?  

Patients hold you accountable now more than ever, and pay for performance represents a growing share of your revenue. Are your HCAHPS scores helping or hurting your bottom line?

“85% of hospitals took a cut from Medicare after calculating the combined effects of value-based purchasing and the reform law's initiatives targeting readmissions and hospital-acquired conditions.”source

Improving Your Processes Improves PATIENT Experience

From improving patient interactions from arrival to discharge to boosting morale among providers and staff  – our work is to optimize the emergency care department experience for everyone involved.  

At Donovan+Partners, analyzing your HCAHPS scores and survey results is always step one. But in order to gain actionable insight into your existing processes, we next conduct a thorough in-person assessment.  By interviewing providers, staff, and management, and by listening to and learning about how your emergency department operates, we are able to quickly pinpoint areas of opportunity for your organization. After an initial assessment, we present our findings and work with you to develop an action plan that targets issues around staffing, patient flow, communication, and training.

We would love to work with you to create a caring and meaningful environment in your emergency department. Contact us today and let us help you bring positive patient experiences, inspired healthcare and empowered leadership to your organization.