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Consulting & Assessments

“Connie is highly motivated, well-organized, and detailed in her approach to assessing and developing improvement plans. She did a superlative job in leading the Saint Mary's Hospital ED on an interim basis. Her plans were clear and concise, and her priorities aligned with the organization and the physician group.”

CEO, Physician Practice Management Group


“Connie came in and conducted an excellent assessment and developed a plan to move the department forward while we searched for an ED Director. She worked closely with clinical staff and with the outsourced ED physician group to develop standards and performance metrics.”

Vice President, HR for Hospital Health System

“She has exceptional ability to quickly understand the clinical services complexities and care delivery systems within the context of a healthcare system, set program direction, clearly articulate priorities, structure initiatives to achieve goals and deliver quantifiable results.”

Executive Interim Management Healthcare Recruiter

Interim Management

“She came into a high volume department with a significant leadership vacuum and quickly established priorities and a process to deal with key issues. In a short time, she built a strong leadership team based on clear communications and expectations for the department. She successfully prepared the department as it searched for a new permanent leader. I would highly recommend Connie for her work in leading leadership transitions in hospital emergency departments.”

MD, CEO, Emergency Physician Practice Management Group

“Connie is a visionary and experienced leader who can work both as an internal and external leader to advance an organization’s mission.”

Executive Interim Management Healthcare Recruiter


accreditation & survey readiness

“Connie worked with the team during a dynamic time in the organization. We had suspended our trauma designation due to limited physician coverage. We were in an organizational turnaround with a need to improve clinical quality as well as financial effectiveness. We also needed to improve employee accountability and engagement.”

Vice President, HR for Hospital Health System

“During her tenure, she worked with the leadership team to restore the trauma designation, implement an interventional cardiology program, and achieved the first designated stroke center in the State of Delaware. I would recommend Connie's consulting for any organization implementing change.”

Vice President, HR for Hospital Health System

"Constance Donovan assisted Central Iowa Healthcare this winter with two back-to-back EMTALA violations. We were able to make our revisit with her assistance. She was vital to our success."

Accomplished Healthcare Executive with 20+ years’ experience in leadership roles (CNO, Director, Manager)


leadership, management & Talent Development

“When we were unable to find the right person for the position, Connie identified an internal charge nurse with exceptional ability who could be mentored into the position. Collaboratively, Connie and I developed a professional development plan for the internal employee. Five years later, the internal employee is still successfully working as the ED Director.”

Vice President, HR for Hospital Health System

“She creates a culture that inspires employees while providing support for individual professional development.”

Executive Interim Management Healthcare Recruiter


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